Bring fast decision making power to your smart devices such as IoT boards and smartphones. Program with Cornelia Studio or integrate with your existing IoT platforms seamlessly.

Prototype and develop your smart applications with a sophisticated all-in-one environment. Start immediately with many built-in machine learning and analytics packages.

Combine the power of cloud with device-side decision making. Collaborate with your team and train your system faster in cloud. Both public and private installation available.


How Cornelia Works

Collect and Analyze

Gather data from devices and from the web directly into Cornelia. Probe and visualize your data. Design your smart applications with Cornelia Studio.

Prototype and Develop

Choose from built-in machine learning and analytics tools to build your smart applications. Combine and customize Cornelia’s own application-oriented packages.

Validate and Deploy

Test directly on device with Cornelia Engine. Simulate your use cases. Make executables for devices or create on-device/in-cloud APIs to be used in other platforms.


Why Cornelia?

Fast Training. Rapid Decision

Cornelia’s Hybrid Machine Learning approach enables fast, massive training on high-performance cloud, while the exact resulting classifiers can run on IoT devices for quick untethered decision making.

Performance Meets Convenience

Cornelia Studio provides convenience of “write once, run anywhere.” Cornelia Engine’s LLVM and JIT guarantees bare-metal performance even on low-budget IoT devices.

Sophistication without Compromise

Cornelia uniquely brings sophisticated computation and machine learning capabilities to small devices and platforms. Make your devices smarter with on-spot analysis and quick decision making.

Business-driven. Application-focused

Many business-  and application-level features are first-class citizens in Cornelia—real-world tested and ready-to-go. Spend less time on solution hunting and more time on realizing your ideas.



Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning with Hardware Acceleration
  • Computer Vision
  • Decision Trees, k-NN, SOM
  • LVQ, SVM, HMM, and more

Data Science

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Signal Processing
  • Fitting and Optimization
  • Visualization and Reporting


  • Sensor Data Analytics
  • Personal Analytics
  • Health and Behavior Analytics
  • Environmental Analytics
  • Autonomous Decision Making
  • Text Mining and NLP

Core Technology

  • LLVM and JIT
  • Board Support Package
  • Sensor Management Package
  • Built-in Parallel Computing Support
  • Built-in GPU Computing Support

Connection Technology

  • Database Connection Support
  • Cloud Storage API Support
  • Cloud Computation API Support
  • Generic Web API Support
  • Language Integration Support

Deployment Technology

  • Standalone Executables
  • Embedded Code Generation
  • RESTful API Deployment
  • MQTT Support
  • ZeroMQ Support
  • Cloud Dashboard and Reports